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Equipping Middle and High School Students with the Skills and Attitude Needed to Succeed

As an educator, you know your students: their needs, hopes, strengths, weaknesses, dreams, and fears. You know that they have a vast amount of potential but may need direction and support for it to realize.

From witnessing their trials and struggles to their growth and success, you see that many of them may be unsure of how to prepare for their futures or navigate through the labyrinth of life in the 21st century.

Are Your Students Ready for the Real World?


of employers think public high schools are not doing enough to prepare students for the expectations of the work world.


of college instructors think US public high schools are not adequately preparing students for the expectations they will face in college.


employers report recent public high school grads have gaps in preparation for jobs and advancement in their company.

Speak Life Essentials, is just that, ESSENTIAL.

  • It is essential to the development and success of your students, not only while they are in school, but once they leave your doors.

  • We designed this curriculum for you, the educator, to take your students beyond the classroom and into an experience that will supplement their academic education.

  • This experience will equip them with the necessary life skills they need to function highly and successfully as the workforce becomes more competitive.

  • It will help them to understand why their future success is influenced by what they do in your classroom.

Speak Life Teacher
Speak Life

We connect what you’re teaching to what they will face in real life.

By helping students understand their value and self-worth, our curriculum connects the dots between where they are (i.e. your classroom) and where they see themselves in the future.

Speak Life Essentials develops each student’s self-awareness and motivation to improve, ensuring they have the confidence and wherewithal to work hard and make good decisions. Our curriculum also readies them to apply these skills in order to thrive in new academic, interpersonal, and professional experiences.

Our curriculum reinforces your expectations for student achievement.

When your students find the value in what you are teaching and how it relates to their goals, it is then that graduation rates will increase and behavior infractions will decrease.

“As a graduate of the public school system in Atlanta, GA, I know what it means to have educators that believed in me—people that saw my value, before I could see it in myself. Educators that took the time to expose me to new ideas and opportunities, while showing me what it takes to accomplish my dreams. Many of them are the catalyst for what I am doing now. Like you, they are the unsung heroes. Those that inspire and uplift others, while equipping them with the confidence and means to succeed. The educators in my life understood that no matter where you were from, your background, or your status, that with high expectations and the right tools, all things are possible. They were innovators and thought leaders that changed my life for the better.

Speak Life Essentials was created with educators like you in mind, those that make it their mission to impact and change lives. We look forward to supporting you in your efforts! ”

Mia ThorntonFounder, Speak Life Essentials

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