Connecting what your students are learning in school, to the relevancy of their own lives, while preparing them for what they will face in the real world.

What Does It Mean To Speak Life?

We believe that words have power and that we all have the choice to use our words to encourage and inspire not only ourselves, but others. Our curriculum and training helps educators and students to recognize their abilities, and provides them with the tools and skills to utilize them. We support your students confidence and self-esteem so that they can feel empowered to accomplish their goals and to lead successful lives. We also connect what they’re learning in school to what they will face in real life, giving your students the tools to navigate the challenges and opportunities that they will have in the future.

Learning Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to take your students beyond the classroom and into an experience that will supplement their academic education. Explore our modules below:

Module I:

Envision Your Future

The Envision Your Future module is the foundation for all of our other sessions. It helps students to understand why it's important to have a positive mindset in spite of life's challenges and to use their words to inspire themselves and others. Students will learn how to set SMART goals and gain tangible tools to turn their vision into reality.

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Module II:


The Etiquette module coincides with our belief that first impressions are important. It also reflects that your students may need assistance with preparing for a job interview (whether in an office or over lunch), navigating the pitfalls of social media, or understanding that there is a time and place for proper communication with others.

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Module III:

The Psychology Of Love

Many students tend to do a lot of studying about how to make their futures great, but they often forget to look within. The Psychology of Love module instills a sense of self-worth, self-respect, and self-love in every student. By breaking down societal norms and the pressures of family, peers, and stereotypes, students will learn tangible skills that will help them to see themselves for who they are and love themselves because of it, not in spite of it.

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Module IV:

Decision Making

We're all human, and realistically, we have all made poor decisions in our lifetime. Teaching students how to weigh their options, make good decisions, and be accountable is integral to their success in your classroom and in life. Our Decision Making module helps students to see how every decision matters, that doing the right thing (even when no one is looking) is a cornerstone of their character, and that they have to use wisdom when being a leader and choosing who to follow.

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Module V:

Character Education

Our character is the basis for who we are at our core and how we will treat others. When our character is put to the test, we are tasked to demonstrate what we value and what we stand for. The Character Education module helps students to understand the importance of having a strong moral conscious in their relationships with themselves and the world in which they live.

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Module VI:

College Preparatory

At Speak Life, we don't necessarily believe that college is for everyone. However, we do believe that everyone needs an education. The College Preparatory module allows students to investigate their options after high school, whether it is going to trade school, the military, a two- or four-year institution, or joining the workforce. The module addresses some of the barriers that prevent students from having viable options once they graduate, as well as how to make good academic and behavioral decisions now in order to prepare for their futures.

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Module VII:

Life Skills

Managing your time, your money, and your class work are all important skills that each middle and high school student should have before they graduate. Life skills are the crux of what we need to know for our survival in the real world. With time being one of the most limited resources at our disposal, the Life Skills module will teach our students to manage limited resources in a fast-paced and ever-changing world.

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Module VIII:

Workforce Development

The Workforce Development module was created to help students understand what it takes to obtain employment, as well as how to excel while they are employed or owning a business. Students will study the intricacies of professionalism, various career paths that match their personality type, and how to navigate the application process from start to finish.

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Module IX:

Health And Wellness

This module is focused on ensuring that students are not only academically sound, but also physically and mentally sound. How students manage their thoughts and feelings as well as if they eat well-balanced, healthy meals can definitely impact their performance in school. Our Health and Wellness Module teaches students how to love themselves by taking care of themselves both physically and mentally so that they can be at their best while in the classroom and in life.

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Module X:

Overcoming Adversity and Choosing to Thrive

Life is fraught with challenges, however, we can and will overcome these challenges with the proper tools. The Overcoming Adversity and Choosing to Thrive Module will allow students to recognize how stress can impact their lives while discovering new coping strategies to be resilient. Participants will learn techniques to manage their emotions, stay optimistic, and to bounce back from adversity.

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Speak Life Essentials Content


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  1. Tips on how to support their students
  2. Engaging content related to their students wellbeing
  3. College access and workforce engagement strategies

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Social and emotional learning

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What does it mean to Speak Life?

We believe that words have power, and that we all have the choice to encourage and inspire someone today! Thank you for choosing to join us in our effort to “Speak Life” to others.

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Speak Life

I have not encountered an agency that has been more supportive, skilled, assiduous, and genuinely interested in our students and their needs as Speak Life.

C. BoldingCounselor, Atlanta Public Schools

I would like to endorse the Speak Life Foundation, Inc. as a leading youth program that has fresh, creative, and innovative ideas that can lead to the change we need to see in humankind.

Nadine Kaslow, Ph.D., ABPPPresident, American Psychological Association

Speak Life successfully convinced our youth to honestly examine their lives, their goals, and the paths they were pursuing and forced them to adopt fresh perspectives, in a caring and nurturing atmosphere.

C.A. MooreExecutive Director ALLP, Inc.

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